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Chitra Shah

About me

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Hello! My name is Chitra! I'm a Web Developer!

I am a former Wall Street Immigration Paralegal. In my prior career, I spent 6+ distilling technical concepts from Software Engineering, and coveying them in an accessible manner to governments. Inspired by the work of Software Engineers, I changed career paths to pursue Front-End Development. I thrive in fast and dynamic environments and am comfortable engaging across industriess to pick up technical concepts.

I enjoy building tools and applications that have an immediate impact for people. I believe in helping others in real and tangible ways. I am also a firm believer in continuous learning, and always eager to improve my skills and toolbox.

I am a Graduate of HackerYou's Web Development Immersive Program. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers University, New Jersey.

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My Works

Javascript Project

Tense Match

A simple matching game of verb tenses

Javascript(ES6), jQuery, HTML5, CSS, Sass, Responsive Design

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API & jQuery Pair Project

Are they working today?

Wondering if your business partner is working in their respective country? Well here's an application to tell you if it is a working day or a holiday!

Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, Sass, Responsive Design, APIs, Accessible Design.

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React & API Project


The title refers to the feeling of fullness after a satisfying meal. This is a vegan and vegetarian recipe generator.

React, Dom Manipulation, CSS, Sass, Responsive Design, Accessible Design.

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React, API, & Firebase Group Project

Superfood Navigator

A nutrition facts generator. Allows the user to also save commonly searched food facts.

React, Firebase, CSS, Sass, Responsive Design, Accessible Design.

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